About Rhonda

rhonda_headshot1 copyRhonda’s unbridled passion for writing gives her the enthusiasm and energy it takes to make words come to life on a page. With over 25 years  of experience in management in the corporate world of operations management, marketing, technology, and customer service, Rhonda has real-life experience that complements her successful writing, content management, and editing skills.

She has authored thousands of articles, eBooks, eZine articles, and other content for both online and offline content in the areas of health, wellness, financial health, business, and related topics. She has created positioning statements, marketing strategies, and business plans for many clients and is able to customize her words to showcase specific business needs.

Rhonda’s expertise in content development and management encompasses a broad spectrum of businesses – from small local retail businesses to larger-scale businesses in the areas of security services, healthcare related, website design, and more.

Her extensive knowledge of  business and marketing – and her passion for writing –  uniquely position her to create compelling content for online and offline businesses.

Rhonda has an extremely strong commitment to quality, service, and integrity and she consistently meets or surpasses expectations related to deadlines while simultaneously providing a high quality product. Her loyal customers are a testament to her professionalism and commitment. Rhonda’s Degree in Business Administration, combined with her real-world experience, make her an energetic creative content manager, consultant, writer, and editor.